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What our Driving School can offer

Amar Driving School is committed to help you become a defensive driver for life. We teach you how to read and apply traffic signs, symbols, stopping techniques, the correct following distance, correct stopping distance, entering and exiting to road and driving in busy area, highway, downtown etc.


We are available between 7:00am to 7:30pm on daily basis. we also offer weekend classes.

Female Instructors

We have experience female Instructors, who specialize in building your confidence to drive.

Brush-up Driving Lesson

We prepare you for the driving test, giving tips and training on how to be a safe driver for life and pass your driving road test.

Clear Doubts

Once you complete our course, you would know the common reasons of failing your previous road tests and how to drive safe.

Areas of Initial Assessment

• How to leave the curb

• How to do wheel control

• Correct way to make Right and Left turns.

• Lane change, Passing and Yield signs.

• Establishing and clearing the intersection.

• Residential, Highway and Downtown Driving.

• Parallel and Perpendicular Parking

• Crosswalks.

• Controlled and Uncontrolled Intersections.

• Pre-road test drills. (Mock Exam)

• Defensive Driving Skills

• Roundabouts.

• Driving with fuel efficiency.

• Driver’s attitude.

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