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Our school offers Class 5 Driving Lessons for all the age groups and levels. We have Dedicated team of permitted Male/Female Instructors. Our permitted instructors have years of experience and lots of patience.

  • Safety Driving
  • Following Rules & Regulations
  • Standard vehicles
  • Traffic Rules
  • Special classes
  • Experience Instructors






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Package 1

$55.00 (Tax included)
1 Hour Lesson

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Package 2

$75.00 (Tax included)
1.5 Hour Lesson

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Package 3

$100.00 (Tax included)
2 hrs Lesson

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Five lesson (90 Minutes)

$375 (Tax included)
use of Car for Road Test

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Road test

$60 (Tax included)
Using only car for road test $60, there will be no lesson.

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Refresher Lesson

$110 (Tax included)
Refresher Lesson and Use of car for Road Test Test Same Day Just Before One Hour Lesson

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  • Wheel control

    Do you know how to hold steering wheel, if you don’t have full control on your car, then you can fail in your road test. A driver’s eyes and hands are extremely important tools for driving. Keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel can increase auto safety for everyone in your own car and those around you.

  • Straight line driving

    Straight line driving is simple task. But you must know where you can change lines or pass another car. Don’t drive to close to car front of you and most important don’t drive in wrong line. Always yield to emergency vehicle.

  • Uncontrolled intersections

    Traffic lights and stop signs are traffic controller at intersection. If there is no stop signs or lights, then how you will cross the intersection.

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