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Amar Driving School offers Class 5 Driving lessons for all ages and all levels. Our permitted driving instructor is Winnipeg born and english speaking. Our instructor has years of experience and loads of patience to ensure you are in a comfortable learning environment. Before being issued a permit from MPI, all driving school s and instructors must also have a clean criminal record search(including the vulnerable sector)as well as a clean Child Abuse Registry Check. You know you are safe with our Driving School.


Why choose us

Amar driving school offer class 5 driving lessons for all ages and all levels. All of our instructors are permit by MPI. We have team of experience instructors. We deliver some of the best driving lesson in Winnipeg. We compete on quality and value. We delighted to listen to your driving needs, answer your questions. Teaching someone to drive is not just about passing their road test. We ensure that they can drive safe, skillfully, defensive, independently and efficiently as part of our training. Our instructors has years of experience in training and patience to ensure you are in a comfortable learning environment. Everyone learns at different way and different speed. Our driving lessons will be based on your learning style. We can promise you. We will prepared you to become a defensive driver. We offer top quality driving lesson with new technique. It will help you to become a good driver. Our goal is to provide a practical driving experience behind the wheels. We have a great team of very patient MALE AND FEMALE instructors. They will build up your confidence as well as your driving skills. We are willing to work together with you to ensure efficient service. You have benefit from quicker learning and saving money by typically need few hours overall.

Wheel control

Do you know how to hold steering wheel, if you don’t have full control on your car, then you can fail in your road test. A driver’s eyes and hands are extremely important tools for driving. Keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel can increase auto safety for everyone in your own car and those around you.


Do you know, how to start your car, what is proper method of safe starting to increase your car engine life. You must learn all of your car control before you are going to the road.


When you are going on road, do you know where to stop at stop signs, lights or any intersection.

Straight line driving

Straight line driving is simple task. But you must know where you can change lines or pass another car. Don’t drive to close to car front of you and most important don’t drive in wrong line. Always yield to emergency vehicle.

Uncontrolled intersections

Traffic lights and stop signs are traffic controller at intersection. If there is no stop signs or lights, then how you will cross the intersection.

What we offer you

Parallel parking ad defensive driving skills are incorporated into all lessons (packages and single lessons) as well as free pick up and return to your location. Students will use a clean, smoke free training car equipped with the Mandatory dual brake system as well as dual mirror. The training vehicle must be approved by MPI before being issued a permit. Amar Driving School’s focus is to supply a safe and comfortable driver learning experience while patiently teaching the driving skills needed for you to become a good driver.We offer packages of driving lessons for road test preparation, as well as driving skills upgrades for already licensed driver such as winter driving and additional practice in trouble areas such as parking or highway driving.

Vehicles offered and our goal for you

Our driver training vehicles are newer, dual controlled and well maintained and pass an annual inspection for your safety. Vehicles are non smoking and air conditioned for your comfort. We serve Winnipeg city wide (and adjacent areas by special arrangement), with drop off and pickup available from your home, school or work. Our driver instructors are dedicated and want to ensure that you learn to become a safe driver, pass your road test and get your driver’s license!

Initial Assesment

An initial assessment to evaluate the student’s skill’s is done covering:

  • Wheel Control
  • Starting
  • Stopping(Threshold Braking)
  • Straight line driving
  • Uncontrolled Intersections
  • Crosswalks
  • Right and left turns
  • Speed(Control)
  • Traffic Awareness
  • Controlled Intersections
  • Three point turns
  • Lane changes
  • Passing
  • One ways
  • Anticipation
  • Boulevard turns

Road Test Prep

Driving lessons then work on improvement of the skills covered in the assessment to bring them up to road test standards and also cover:

  • Parallel Parking Lessons
  • Stall Parking
  • Reversing
  • Highway Driving Lessons

We offer single driving lessons as well as 2 lesson road test(includes car rental for your road test). 5 and 10 lesson packages and flexible schedules to accommodate your needs. Your personal driving instructor will work with you for whatever time it takes for you to successful complete your Manitoba Driver’s Licensing Road Test!

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